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Managed Print Services

NSU's SharkPrint solution, a premier secure print solution!

Sue Matovich
Managed Print Services


Please email Copier Support (monitored by Sharp and NSU Managed Print Services) the following details:

  1. Equipment ID# (9-digit number located on the front of the device on a white label)
  2. Brief explanation of support required:
    • training request
    • supplies (ex: toner waste box or staples)
    • explanation of additional support needs
  3. Contact information

Note: All new equipment will autogenerate toner orders and will be delivered to you by the NSU Copy Center team on the Davie Campus and the Griffin Road Campus. All other locations’ supplies will be shipped to contact persons of your choosing. Request this information from Managed Print Services if you have not yet received instructions for your location.

We understand that there are University leaders who may wish to grant permission for others in their department to release jobs on their behalf. To establish this arrangement, email the VIP name and email address along with the chosen proxy’s name to Managed Print Services.

NSU personnel must not move any device. A written request should be emailed to Managed Print Services, once approved Sharp will relocate the device.

All new printer requests must be submitted in writing to Managed Print Services.

As the University transitions to electronic faxing, to set up RightFax, please email the following information to Managed Print Services:

  1. Device ID
  2. Current Fax Number
  3. List of authorized users
    • Name
    • Phone Extension
    • Email Address
You will receive a "How To" informational guide when your RightFax has been installed.

As we transition to a more secure print solution that requires authentication, your SharkCard plays a crucial role in facilitating this new process. To obtain a new card or renew your existing one, please follow these steps:

  • Local Employees
    • Visit the main card office located in the Don Taft University Center on the first floor. SharkCard Services is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Non-Local Employees
    • Request a SharkCard online by visiting SharkCard Services 
    • SharkCard Services will provide you with a link to upload your photo. Photo requirements are specified on the webpage.
    • Once your photo is approved, SharkCard Services will mail the card to the address you provided on the application form. To prevent any delays, ensure you provide your complete mailing address, including your apartment number if applicable.
You should receive your SharkCard within 3-5 business days after your photo is approved. It is your responsibility to follow up with SharkCard Services if you have not received your NSU ID within this time. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact SharkCard Services at (954) 262-8929 or by email
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