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NSU Service-Learning Definition

Service learning at Nova Southeastern University is a systematic, pedagogical approach to enhance a student's learning experience by providing the opportunity to apply theory and research to practice within a community setting. Service learning utilizes guided reflection to evaluate and understand the connection between academic content and real-world application, bringing the learning experience full-circle. This experience strengthens the student's learning and skills and provides a positive impact on the community locally, nationally and/or internationally.

Service learning at NSU:

  • Promotes Academic Excellence by putting theory and research to practice and providing a positive impact on the community
  • Is Student-Centered by focusing on student-selected opportunities for learning within the community
  • Highlights Integrity by developing students of character who serve to improve the lives of community members through active engagement outside of the classroom
  • Creates an Innovative way for students to learn by providing hands-on educational experiences that supplement in-class instruction
  • Opens Opportunities for students to grow and develop academically, personally, and professionally while encouraging lifelong learning
  • Develops active opportunities for Scholarship and Research by providing real-world opportunities in which to apply learned concepts
  • Fosters Diversity by preparing students for life and pathways to success in a global society
  • Encourages students to continually redefine their definition of Community as they seek to understand the world around them
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