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Sharks are dominant. They’re strong, fast and adaptable. Sharks always prevail. At NSU, we create sharks. We give students the competitive advantage they need to become confident, capable, yet caring professionals. With a fast track to graduation, personal career coaches, access to our vast network of industry partners, and a chance to explore your personal passions, you will always have an edge.

Preparing to dominate is not about winning or losing. It’s about harnessing the best within yourself — and using that to inspire others — on the job, in your community, in the relationships you build. It’s about driving forward and becoming an unstoppable force of nature. NSU students may enter the university looking to take on the world, but they emerge prepared to dominate their own future.

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Be a Shark

Become a Force of Nature

Mako Mantra

See why the shortfin mako is the shark that best represents the NSU community of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

NSU At a Glance

NSU Florida offers a vibrant and diverse learning community with strong academics, as evidenced by its top rankings and scholarship offerings.

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