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About Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Department is overseen by the Accounts Payable Director, who reports to the Assistant Controller. The department is responsible for issuing NSU's non-payroll disbursements.

University policy is to pay authorized purchases within the terms of the invoice. Payments are generated as: Checks, Direct Deposits (ACH) to bank accounts, or Direct Debits of Fees. View the full text of NSU's Travel Policy and Procedures.

Employees receiving checks from Accounts Payable can have their disbursement sent as direct deposit into their checking account via ACH. When the funds are being disbursed, an e-mail is sent stating the amount being deposited to your account. To sign up for Direct Deposit (ACH), please follow the instructions on this link accounts-payable/self-service-direct-deposit-instructions.pdf

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Accounts Payable Staff

Deborah Cole AP Coordinator, 1099 Forms, Unclaimed Property (954) 262-5235 email1.jpg
Dianne Kidd AP Coordinator, Direct Deposit, ACH Research (954) 262-5240 email1.jpg
Catalina Jaramillo Accounts Payable Specialist Check Release (954) 262-5233 email1.jpg
Lorna Hyacinthe Accounts Payable Specialist (954) 262-5232 email1.jpg
Vanessa Dennis Accounts Payable Specialist A-B (954) 262-5237 email1.jpg
Tara Garoute Accounts Payable Specialist C-F (954) 262-5239 email1.jpg
Alicia Ivey Accounts Payable Specialist G-I  (954) 262-5236
Claudia Natareno Accounts Payable Specialist J-M  (954) 262-5407 email1.jpg
Kerstie Swasey Accounts Payable Specialist N-Q  (954) 262-5269 email1.jpg
Romilda Barlatier Accounts Payable Specialist R-S & Grande Oaks (954) 262-5288 email1.jpg
Julie Jackson Accounts Payable Specialist T-Z  (954) 262-5238 email1.jpg
Frank Garcia Accounts Payable Specialist Vendor Maintenance (954) 262-5230 email1.jpg
Sarai Maria Administrative Assistant (954) 262-5241 email1.jpg
Luanne Schaefer Office Assistant email1.jpg
Jude Auderer Assistant AP Manager (954) 262-5216 email1.jpg
Denisse Reynoso Accounts Payable Director (954) 262-5242 email1.jpg
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