Community Affiliates


We are so excited at your interest in partnering with NSU’s Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement. Our commitment to the community extends far beyond our campus. Community is one of NSU’s Core Values, to that our community partnerships are integral in the development of students that are empowered and engaged in the communities in which they live.

To achieve this, the SLCE office strives to ensure that all service projects in which our students take part in provide support that addresses a specific social need to benefit all that call South Florida, and beyond home. Together, we can make a collective impact on the greater community.

What does it mean to partner with the SLCE office?
The mission and vision of the SLCE Office is to empower students with leadership and service-based educational opportunities that promote critical and creative-thinking and inspire action.  We cannot do this alone. In fact, the role your organization plays in the community is a critical component of our mission.

In defining partnership, there are mutual benefits from our work together. You are not simply getting labor; you are getting students that are participating with your organization as service-learners. We are both striving to ensure that the work they are doing will supplement the academic instruction they are receiving in the classroom with real-world hands-on experience that will grow them personally and professionally.

Community Partner
  • Provide an orientation to students on their service activities, organization mission, and goals
  • Provide work that is applicable to the student's education and their personal development
  • Supervise activities and provide feedback regarding student work to the SLCE office.
  • Ensure a safe work environment
  • Help promote student learning about public service and your role in the community
  • Complete annual Community Partner Survey for the NSU Office of Institutional and Community Engagement
Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement
  • Create listings to promote opportunities of your organization within our database
  • Provide basic orientation to students about opportunities available and provide preliminary information about your expectations
  • Assist in the facilitation of communication between community partners, faculty, and others (including students)
  • Provide opportunities for partners to speak on issues of public concern.
NSU Student
  • Conduct themselves as representatives of Nova Southeastern University
  • Be prompt, and respectful of the organization, its clients (and their confidentiality), and their supervisor(s).
  • Contact your organization with a reasonable timeline to participate with your organization and communicate expectations for scheduling.
  • Fulfill all agreed upon duties and responsibilities at the community site; failure to do so should be reported and disciplinary action will be taken.

Volunteers are very different from students engaged in community-based learning. Volunteers are free to choose where they want to serve and the scope of their service, limited only by interest, time and volunteer requirements set by your organization. Community-based learning students are required to interact in the community as part of their course. Therefore, the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is seeking the most challenging, interactive and meaningful placements for these students.

What that involves:

The Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement primarily partners with community partners that:

  • Can help us to promote the ideals of social responsibility, public service, and/or civic engagement
  • Are non-profit organizations, community/recreation centers, or schools
  • Have a well-defined mission statement or purpose
  • Are located in the Greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area, particularly in under-served areas,
  • Have an office or a well-defined space where our students will serve (such as a community center, park, school, etc.)
  • Offer meaningful, positive experiences—both educational and social—that will enhance the education of our students and promote our mission
  • Provide a unique experience for student involvement
  • Can provide a contact person to serve as the liaison between the office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement and your organization

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