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Mission of Pre-Health Professions Advising For Undergraduate Students at NSU:

Pre-Health Professions advising is administered in the Undergraduate Academic Advising Office, Career Development Office, and Tutoring and Testing Services at NSU. These three offices jointly provide student-centered support, guidance and information for the NSU community (students and alumni) interested in pursuing careers in the health professions. Our goal is to encourage all students interested in a career in the health professions to research possible careers, gain exposure to possible careers by volunteer work, internships and shadowing, and provide the tools to understand the requirements for the healthcare profession the student is interested in pursuing. Pre-Health Advising at NSU through both the Academic Advising Office and Career Development office will help students develop a strategic game plan throughout their 4 years to ensure they reach their intended goals of entering a healthcare program. The Tutoring and Testing Services are geared to asset and teach all students who are struggling in any classes, and providing a testing center to make testing simplified and accommodating. 

Critical to the success of preparing for a career in the health professions includes taking academic coursework seriously, balancing academic and extracurricular activities, developing organizational skills and making sure close attention is paid to deadlines. The student will also need to identify avenues to develop other key transferable skills needed in their field of study and immerse themselves in activities such as research and leadership roles to develop themselves into well-rounded applicants for Post Graduate programs upon graduation. In addition, it is important for students to develop relationships with faculty and all campus resources.

The Undergraduate Academic Advising Office, Career Development Office, and Tutoring and Testing Services are here to help you and provide the necessary guidance to reach your career and academic goals.

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