Starting Right Curriculum

Morning circle, story, and music time provide children with a chance to interact with peers and teachers in a group setting.  Children are able to choose and request songs and stories using visual supports.  These activities also teach children how to recognize their name, follow directions, share with peers, wait for a turn, and participate in a group setting.  During teacher time, children work 1:1 with a teacher on specific skills using discrete trial teaching. Play provides children with an opportunity to explore toys and develop skills necessary for social interaction. Art and sensory experiences allow children to investigate different textures and experiment with crayons, glue and paint.  Snack and lunch are used to teach children to request preferred food items and to feed themselves.  Children also enjoy the playground or interactive fountain during the school day. 

 Several different specialized teaching strategies are used within the classroom.  During teacher time, discrete trial training is used to develop specific skills in the areas of receptive language and pre-academic -skills.  Pivotal Response Training is used throughout the classroom to encourage and reinforce babbling, sound and word imitation, spontaneous requests and comments, as well as play skills. The Picture Exchange Communication System provides children with a way to communicate while verbal language is still developing.