NSU Commencement is a very special occasion that is held annually and publically recognizes your graduating students for their hard work, intellectual efforts, and academic achievements. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to attend their appropriate commencement ceremony in order to demonstrate support on this joyous occasion.

Ways to Participate

Faculty may participate in the commencement ceremonies in the following ways:

Faculty Marshals

The Faculty Marshal role is an esteemed privilege. Your role in Commencement is not just to lead candidates into the ceremony, but to also set the tone and decorum for graduates on the day of their commencement. Academic Deans invite these faculty members to be part of the celebration. They not only lead their discipline's candidates to their seats but also remain with them throughout the ceremony.

General Faculty

Participate in the Academic Procession and are seated in a designated seating area during the commencement exercise.

Faculty Regalia

Faculty should RSVP for their seat at commencement and order regalia online hereIt is important that anyone who plans on attending commencement completes the electronic RSVP form, even if you have your own regalia.

On Commencement Day faculty members are encouraged to wear their personal regalia as a proud statement of your significant academic accomplishments and an encouragement to our graduates to continue their personal education journey. However, you may request loaned regalia if you do not have your own. 

If you need regalia, after submitting the RSVP form, you will be redirected to the NSU Bookstore/Oak Hall Cap & Gown website. Follow the prompts to complete the order for appropriate regalia. Write out your degree (no abbreviations, please) to assist bookstore personnel in providing you the correct color hood. There is no cost to you at check out. 

Academic Procession for Faculty

The academic procession, consisting of candidates and participating faculty assemble one hour before the ceremony begins and are led into the arena by the grand marshal.

The Performance Theater of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences' Performing and Visual Arts (PVA) wing, located on the first floor on the north side of the University Center directly inside the north entrance, serves as faculty staging area. Light refreshments, chairs, and full-length mirrors will be available for your convenience.

Immediately following the ceremony, borrowed regalia can be returned to the NSU Bookstore representatives located in the PVA.