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Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental Instructions

A wireless credit card terminal may be rented from the Treasury Department for Nova Southeastern University affiliated events.  Please follow the steps to rent the terminal.

Please be Aware Renters/Departments will be responsible for the replacement cost of the device if the device is lost, stolen or damaged while in their possession.

Before the Event

  1. Complete the Wireless Credit Card Machine Rental Agreement Form .
  2. Submit the form to
  3. Confirm that all individuals that will be using the machine have taken the PCI Compliance online training.
  4. Pick up the credit card terminal the day before the event. If the event falls on a weekend day, you must pick up the terminal on Friday before 3:00 p.m.
  5. Location of Pickup - East Campus: 3100 SW 9th Avenue Fort Lauderdale, FL 33315 in the Treasury Department - Room 510.

Day(s) of the Event

  1. Proceed with your event using the wireless credit card terminal.
  2. If your event lasts for more than one day, and you are keeping the terminal overnight, it must be kept in a secure and locked location.
  3. After all transactions have been entered each day, settle the batch and keep a copy of the settlement.1 Instructions for settlement are included in the box with the terminal. If you do not settle the batch, the bank will not process the payments.

After the Event

  1. Return the terminal to the Treasury Department the next business day after the event.
  2. Please ensure that everything that was in the box when you picked it up is returned.

Standard Machine- FD400GT Users

  • Make a copy of all closing slips from each day(s) and bring it with you to return the cc machine.
  • Submit a Journal Entry to move funds to your account to the Treasury Department via interoffice mail- Mail Code: GAC. Lump totals for all totals of the days of the event for Visa and MasterCard and lump all the totals of days of the event for American Express (You should have two line items for the Journal Entry, one for VI/MC and one for AMEX). Use your closing slips and event info for backup.

(1) Clover Mobile Users - Closing

  • The Treasury department will send you a report for all transactions.
  • Create a Journal Entry to book the transactions to the appropriate account.
  • Submit the original signed Journal Entry to the Treasury Department.
  • This machine does not have a printer. Do not try to print any closing/settlement slips.

For questions/concerns, please contact

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