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Resiliency Resources


There are several internal and external variables that contribute to being resilient. This resource page provides students with additional support in developing these diverse variables in any of the five steps we have identified to build resilience. Whether it be physical wellness or mental health, these resources can help improve resilience.


RecWell – Here at NSU, we have a place where you can improve your quality of life through diverse programs and services offering physical fitness and wellness opportunities. When you feel better, you think clearer.
Writing and Communication – This innovative workspace, whether in person or virtually, cultivates an environment where students can enhance all types of writing at any stage of the writing process by trained professionals and peer writing consultants. Expressive writing helps some people develop greater clarity and focus during tough times.
Nutrition – NSU believes that nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness. With the guidance of registered nutritionists, students can receive support in developing a customized plan. Eating well improves concentration and decision making skills.
Center for Student Counseling and Well-being – Being student centered means discovering ways to helps students maximize their best self academically, personally, and professionally. Our student counseling services provides a number of behavioral healthcare programs by our clinical partner, Henderson Behavioral Healthcare, providing comprehensive, recovery –focused services.
Mediation Services – NSU understands that communication and relationships are key components to staying engaged. From time to time, we need to have a difficult conversation with someone or experience challenges with bouncing back from a difficult situation. One- on- One coaching’s or group workshops are available to support our student’s navigate through those tough times.



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