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Puerto Rico Worker's Compensation Employee Policy and Procedure

Know Your Rights as An Injured Worker


All employees (e.g., part-time, full-time, or student employees) must report their injury immediately to their supervisor, Campus Director (Tel. #787-773-6501) and/or NSU's Workers' Compensation Manager Finance (Tel. # 954-262-5404) in writing. The supervisor or Campus Director will complete the "Work Accident Report," i.e., the CFSE 02-041 (CFSE-0373) junio/2015 form. The injured worker must file a claim with the State Insurance Fund Corporation (CFSE) within a term of five (5) days after the accident occurred.  If an employee is injured more than five days ago, still notify your supervisor and the Workers' Compensation Manager Finance in writing as soon as possible. The CFSE-0373 form will be forwarded to the Workers' Compensation Manager Finance who will then file it electronically on the PRSIFC's web site.  

Medical Treatment (non-emergency)

THE PRSIFC will determine if an employee has suffered a work-related accident or illness. Medical care must be received within the facilities of the State Insurance Fund Corporation (CFSE). These services are offered at the regional, intermediate, and local clinics, as well as at the Industrial Hospital. Nova employees are instructed to go to the emergency room at

Hospital Industrial 
Bo. Monacillos Centro Medico
San Juan, Puerto Rico 00936-5028
Telephone #: 787-764-3660

Independent Contractor

An independent contractor is not typically covered. Supervisors should check with the Workers' Compensation Manager Finance if a contractor reports an injury.

Medical Treatment (emergency – if necessary)

Seek medical care at the nearest hospital immediately or Hospital Industrial.

Mileage Reimbursement

If injured on the job you are entitled to mileage reimbursement for the cost of travel to doctor's appointments, physical therapy appointments, and to the pharmacy to pick up prescriptions related to the injury.

Policy and Procedures
Link to Forms CFSE-0373
Paid Leave under the PR Family and Medical Leave Act (1993) FMLA

Please refer to HR's policy at

Insurance Carrier: Exclusive State Fund
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