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Policies and Procedures

Travel and Auto Rental Policy

Domestic and Foreign Travel

The Risk Management office needs to be notified when a department schedules a trip for students or employees to ensure that all the proper paperwork is completed.


With respect to any student field trip involving an overnight stay (in or outside the United States) or student participation in special activities, other than the normal day-to-day activities, a release needs to be signed by the student or parent if the student is a minor. Releases should be sent to the Risk Management Office for review with counsel. When a program arranges for/or is involved in a trip to a foreign country the center or school must submit the following information to the Risk Management office:

  • Name of Country
  • Number of employees traveling
  • Number of students traveling
  • Reason for trip
  • Length of stay
  • Who will be making travel arrangements

Auto Rentals

All auto rentals for NSU business must be processed through the University Travel Office x.2-8888. The name of the employee(s) who will be driving the vehicle must be provided to the Travel Office.


*See Automobile Policy: Drivers Policy and Procedures for becoming an authorized driver.

If the vehicle will be used for personal business as well, the authorized driver must have a separate rental contract, in their own name, for those specific dates.


NSU employees should decline the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) when renting a vehicle for University business and traveling in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico*. Note: If the employee does not decline coverage, he/she will be responsible for the charge.

*If outside these territories, insurance coverage, including CDW, must be purchased.

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