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What will be done for the lack of housing for upperclassman? Many people in the Class of 2024 did not have the option of living in the once-upperclassmen orientated Mako Hall. Once, it was our turn to choose that hall, we were told that we were being kicked off-campus, and the sophomores were now being placed in that building. This has been a major complaint of the upperclassman, and how will the upperclassmen be brought back on campus?

NSU currently reserves housing for freshmen and sophomores per university policy.  Although the university is currently exploring increasing its housing inventory, there are no universities we are aware of that ensure every student has a residential bed.  If this were the case, the University of Florida would have 40,000 beds (it has 7,000) and FSU would have 36,000 beds (it has 6,500). 

Why doesn't NSU offer the Brown Bag Grant Workshop Series online for the benefit of the distance education doctoral students? I would really like to participate and other students can benefit from this valuable information. Please advise.

The Brown Bag Grant Workshops are specifically designed for NSU faculty and staff who are submitting grants through the university. We are focusing upon the faculty so they are prepared for grant writing and mentoring students. The sessions are available to faculty and staff online on Blackboard. Students with a special interest in these workshops can contact our Grant Writing Laboratory ( ) for an invitation to attend or gain access to the Blackboard training. We welcome student participation and trust that the training will help them become leaders in their field of study.

What is being done to reach NSU’s research goals?  

We are developing an infrastructure to support rapid growth in research.  The growth will be achieved through faculty development, faculty recruitment, enhanced facilities and creating a culture of research opportunities for student, basic, applied, clinical and commercial research.

My main concern is that our high tuition and lack of scholarships are causing our decline in enrollment. Suggestion: Lower tuition to at least make it more affordable for students on financial aid to be able to attend on a full time status.

Although NSU’s tuition has risen over the years, it is still competitive with other Florida private universities.  Furthermore, NSU’s tuition is lower than the national average for private universities.  Regarding scholarships, NSU is engaging in a capital campaign that will provide scholarships for deserving students.  

Along with the Women’s center, I think a Diversity resource should be made available on campus. It could encompass the Women’s center as well. I think this is vital in having on our campus as diversity is one of our CORE VALUES.

There are numerous resources that students find valuable such as Women’s Centers, Diversity Centers, and Veterans Resource Centers.  At NSU, we have attempted to balance providing appropriate services with the sensitivity that increasing of additional services can often times lead to increases in tuition or fees.  Students feeling strongly about specific services should contact their school Student Government representatives who may advocate for such services on behalf of all students.

What can international students do to work on main campus?  Our visas do not allow us to work off-campus.

On-campus jobs are available for international students.  However, the number of jobs is limited due to budget constraints.  International students should contact the Offices of International Affairs and Student Employment for information regarding on-campus job opportunities. 

Is it possible for HPD students to have access to the Law library?

HPD students have access to the Law Center Library.  Reference librarians are available to assist NSU student with legal reference questions.  Access to many of the electronic resources is possible; however, some electronic legal resources are restricted to Law Center students and faculty due to the nature of the contract with the vendor providing the data. While the majority of seating in the library is reserved for Law Center students’ use during final exams, unrestricted seating is available to accommodate other NSU students.

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