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Test Preparation

Preparing for a graduate or professional school admissions exam is similar to training for a marathon. Just like a long-distance runner, a test-taker cannot expect to perform well without practice. You need to learn the route, schedule regular training, build up your endurance, and create a strong foundation before the big race. It is important to start early and learn about the resources that can help you in your test preparation.

Learning the route

To be confident going into/on test day, make sure you know all the exam details ahead of time. Some of the specifics you should be familiar with are the cost of the exam, the check-in procedures at the testing center you chose, exam structure, score reporting, and the online registration process. Familiarize yourself with the official testing guide issued each year. This guide is located on the specific exam’s website and will have the most up-to-date information. Each year the Tutoring and Testing Center will offer workshops on each of the different exams, make sure to attend one before your scheduled exam date.

Create a training schedule

It is important to know your schedule, and plan out your time available for studying early. If you need help with time management, organization, stress management, schedule development, or goal-setting, make an appointment with an Academic Coach located in the Tutoring and Testing Center. Not only should you have a semester schedule that lists the time requirements of each of your responsibilities, but you need to create an outline of items you need to study, practice, and prepare each week for the upcoming exam. Developing study goals will not only help you become more organized with your time, but also holds you accountable for your own learning outcomes. Make sure to use the TTC’s Weekly Study Goals Worksheet for organized preparation.

Build up your endurance

Taking practice exams is the most important aspect of test preparation. Graduate and professional admission exams are lengthy, so it is essential to practice plenty of full-length timed exams. It is the best way to familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will encounter on your exam and gauge your progress in learning the material. This can help you develop a better personalized study plan, as well as help you find your pace during each section. The best way to take a timed practice exam is to have it proctored in Testing Services, located in the Student Affairs Building – 2nd Floor. This will give you the experience of taking it in a realistic testing environment that is free from distractions. Call Testing Services to set up your Practice Exam.

Strengthen your foundation

Every admission exam is designed to test your academic knowledge. It is imperative to have a strong knowledge base before registering. To help you in your test preparation, make sure to find the right resources for you. There is not one prep book that is right for everyone. Research to find the best options that can complement your different needs, budget, learning style, and academic strengths and weaknesses. Testing Services has a Lending Library with popular test prep books and flashcards. These items are available to NSU students for in-house study or a 2-week rental.

Healthcare Exams:

  • Osteopathic Medicine (DO): MCAT
  • Allopathic Medicine (MD): MCAT
  • Dental: DAT
  • Pharmacy: PCAT
  • Optometry: OAT
  • Chiropractic Medicine: GRE
  • Audiology: GRE
  • Physical Therapy: GRE
  • Occupational Therapy: GRE
  • Speech Language Pathology: GRE
  • Physician Assistant: MCAT or GRE
  • Veterinarian: MCAT

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