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Academic Success

When applying for professional/graduate school, your GPA and test scores are part of what makes you competitive. These stats are the first things admissions committees learn about you, and it is vital you put your best foot forward. The most successful students utilize all of the resources available on campus while working towards academic success. Each year, the Tutoring and Testing Center (TTC), generates comparison reports to examine the effectiveness of our services. We have found students that work with a tutor or SI leader at least four times in a semester per class receive a letter grade higher than their peers that do not utilize the service.

Tutoring Services

NSU offers one-on-one and open lab tutoring six days a week. Students can work with a tutor to clarify concepts and reinforce specific topics addressed in class. The student drives what is covered in each session, meaning you bring questions to the tutor for discussion. This personal approach ensures a productive and personalized session. Making tutoring a part of your study routine early on will help reinforce good study skills and proper preparation all semester long.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

SI leaders are successful students nominated by faculty who have previously taken and mastered the course. As part of their role, they host organized group study sessions twice a week. SI leaders know course content, classroom expectations, and receive training on collaborative learning strategies. Because the SI leader attends class, the interactive study sessions follow what the professor has already presented in class and allows all participants to keep pace with course content.

Academic Success Coaching

Success coaches know that sometimes it isn’t the material itself that students struggle with; it’s the demands of being a college student. During a Success Coaching session, students will meet with a coach who will tailor the meeting to his/her specific academic needs, situations, and goals. Success Coaches will help students with issues pertinent to success, such as time management, goal setting, study skills, and test preparation.

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