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Pre-Health Clubs and Organizations


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This is a medical organization that concentrates on hands on experience in the medical field. This club informs the student population at Nova Southeastern University about the surgical techniques, basic medical procedures, and nursing protocols that are incorporated throughout medical school. This will be done by utilizing the connections to sutures, and online videos to learn various techniques that are done at hospitals. This club will serve as a liaison to other medical school programs that a student may wish to pursue after their 4 year undergraduate degree.

Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) 

NSU HOSA is tailored to help you in your pursuit of a health profession. It has been effective at delivering scholarship, volunteer, and leadership development opportunities as well as working along with the curriculum of pre-health majors. This has been achieved through healthcare oriented competitions such as medical terminology, medical math, public service announcement, and much more. 

Junior Peds-Undergraduate Pediatric Club 

The purpose of this organization is to help undergraduate students pursuing a career in pediatric medicine to become more involved and aware of what the position entails. Through various volunteer opportunities, discussions with physicians and patients, and working closely with the Graduate Pediatrics club, the members of this club will hopefully get a sense of direction as to what specific pediatric field they would like to pursue, and how to make themselves better candidates when applying to Graduate School. 

Neuroscience Club 

Neuroscience club offers an opportunity to enrich students and other members of the community on the importance of the brain. It is a growing field dealing with the brain and how it is connected to almost every field available at NSU. We aim to create learning experiences for you by giving you personal access to the professors in the School of Psychology and Biology and by exposing you to different talks, lectures, and events. 

Physician to Patient (PTP) 

PTP will develop future medical personnel by educating them on the real world of medicine. We do this by educating our members about the business and real world side of medicine. This is done by bringing in speakers who are currently in the field, as well as those who have worked in medicine and academia. We also facilitate out-reach programs so our members can begin making an impact in their community right now!

Pre-Dental Society 

Our objective is to familiarize students interested in Dentistry to the various specialties within the field of dentistry and to provide them with helpful knowledge and resources. We are aimed at helping students to become better applicants when applying to dental school. 

Delta Epsilon Mu

 Delta Epsilon Mu, Inc. Alpha Xi Chapter is a pre-health professional co-ed fraternity.  DEM serves as a hub for such students to expand their knowledge of other healthcare specialties, build friendships, join a network of students and professionals, pursue their professional aspirations, and serve the community.  This organization strives to engage in community service and professional development while also hosting a variety of social events

Pre-Medical Society 

Nova Southeastern University Pre-medical Society is dedicated to providing members with educational and social opportunities for learning about medical issues and playing an active role in the medical field. Through service and action, the Pre-medical Society employs a hands-on approach to introduce students to the medical field. 

Pre-Optometry Society 

The purpose of this organization is to promote the profession of optometry. It is the responsibility of the Society to educate its members on the importance of vision care. The society should also function to raise awareness in the community about the importance of vision-care. The Society will also strive to help the vision-impaired community. 

Pre-Pharmacy Society 

The Pre-Pharmacy Society at Nova Southeastern University is an organization dedicated to students who plan on pursuing careers in pharmaceutical medicine, whether that be in a retail, clinical, or research setting. It is our mission to make information, resources, and opportunities available to our members to assist them in understanding the world of pharmacy. 

Pre-Physician Assistant Society 

Designed to provide a means for students aspiring to be Physician Assistants to reach their goals. To help prepare students to be the most competitive PA school applicants. To create community service projects that achieve the club's goals and help give back to the community. To help promote the PA profession and create opportunities for networking in the PA community for shadowing and other experiences. 

Pre-Student Osteopathic Medical Association 

This organization supports and promotes the osteopathic philosophy of practicing medicine. Members of NSU Pre-SOMA inform the public about osteopathic medical education. Our organization helps to prepare members for entrance into colleges of Osteopathic Medicine. 

Pre-Veterinarian Club 

The purpose of this organization is to bring the students of Nova Southeastern University with an interest in veterinary medicine together to get acquainted with the process of applying to veterinary school, foster a sense of community for students interested in graduate work in the field of veterinary medicine, and introduce students to different aspects of careers in the field of veterinary medicine through guest speakers and field trips.

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