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International Medical Programs

Unfortunately, US medical schools are very selective in choosing candidates for medical school slots each year. This leaves behind many highly qualified medical school applicants who are turned down by US medical schools, or applicants who have GPAs and/or MCAT scores that are not as competitive.

Many international medical schools are located in the Caribbean, however there are other international medical schools located in Mexico, Israel, Ireland, Australia, Poland, the United Kingdom and other countries.

It is critical that students who consider applying to medical schools outside the US ask themselves some important questions, such as:

  • How established is the program?
  • Is the program Title IV approved? (Are students eligible for Federal Student Loans)
  • What is the USMLE 1st time pass rate?
  • Where do graduates get placed for residency in the United States?
  • Do they follow a US medical school model for curriculum, clinicals, etc.?

NSU graduates in the past have chosen to apply to and/or attend the following foreign medical schools:

This list is not exclusive, nor is it meant to be an endorsement of any of these schools, however going abroad for medical school may be an option that students may wish to investigate with open eyes and caution.

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