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Shark Time FAQS

What is SharkTime?

SharkTime is NSU’s official time and attendance application. SharkTime is a web based application that allows non-exempt employees to record worked time and all benefit eligible employees to report paid time-off.

How do new hires and employee updates get into SharkTime?

Banner is NSU’s official system of record. New employees and all employee updates are reflected in SharkTime once Banner is updated by Human Resources. Banner and SharkTime synch twice per day, around 6:00AM and around 2:00PM.

What should I do if I am unable to log into SharkTime and I am a new employee?

Contact the Help Desk or (954)262-4357

Are temporary employees able to use SharkTime?

Temporary employees are not automatically setup in SharkTime but can be upon the employee’s supervisor request to

How do I access SharkTime?

Users can access SharkTime while on-campus from any computer and/ or SharkTime time clocks.

How do I access SharkTime off-campus?

VPN access is required for authorized users and must be requested by their supervisor.

What is my SharkTime username and password?

User credentials for SharkTime are the same as SharkLink’s (email account) and are case sensitive.

How do I reset my SharkTime password?

All questions related to password resets, including temporary employees who do not have an email account, should be directed to NSU Help Desk.

How do I use SharkTime from a computer?

SharkTime shortcut is setup on your desktop for convenience. Simply double-click on the desired shortcut and the system will navigate you to SharkTime.

Will there be a QuickStamp?

Currently there is no QuickStamp functionality available for new SharkTime.

 Who should I contact if the shortcuts are missing from my desktop?

Please contact NSU Help Desk or (954)262-4357

What is the preferred web browser to use?

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for optimal performance.  Microsoft Edge currently has known bugs that may prevent you from submitting time off.

How do I use SharkTime from a time clock?

Employees in designated departments are required to time stamp using a clock. All clocks are connected to biometric readers.  The employee’s Supervisor is responsible for designating a specific clock to be used.

Clocks require the use of a SharkCard in addition to performing a biometric verification. To perform a time stamp the employee must first get a SharkCard and have their finger (s) scanned at the Card office. Please contact them at or extension 2-8929 or visit their web page below.

Who should I contact if I get an error when using a SharkTime time clock?

Please contact  or (954)262-4357

How do I use SharkTime from my mobile device?

A Kronos mobile license is required to use the Kronos mobile app.

Who gets a Kronos mobile license?

All exempt employees will automatically get a mobile license. Non-exempt employees will get a mobile license only upon request from their supervisor to

What types of trainings are available for SharkTime?

NSU offers on-demand and instructor led training for SharkTime Supervisors and Coordinators

How can I access on-demand training for SharkTime?

Short how-to videos are available on NSU’s Payroll Department web site at:

Can I view my accrual balances in SharkTime?

Yes, you can view your accrual balances on the Accrual Balances widget on the Home Dashboard.

What if there is a discrepancy with my accrual balances in SharkTime?

First, log on to SharkLink to verify your accrual balances there. This information is located under the Payroll > View Additional Balances > Full Leave Balance Information. If the balances in SharkLink are also wrong, please contact with the specific question you have.

Why would there be a difference in my accrual balances between SharkLink and SharkTime?

SharkLink is Banner’s employee information portal so the information is always in synch between the two systems. On the other hand, SharkTime only gets refreshed once every two weeks, the day after payroll is processed in Banner. Therefore, any manual adjustments in between payrolls will not be reflected in SharkTime until the following payroll is processed.

When submitting time off, do I have to skip weekends (or days I do not work)?

No. Sharktime will look at your schedule, and if you are not scheduled, will skip adding the requested leave time.


What employees get holiday pay?

Only benefit-eligible employees get holiday pay.

How do I get paid for a holiday?

SharkTime automatically calculates holiday pay based on your SharkTime schedule. It is applied to your timecard about 14 days before the holiday.

If the employee is scheduled to work more than their benefit-eligible default pay period hours, the Supervisor is required to adjust holiday pay accordingly. Example: 37.5 hours per week employee should normally get only 7.5 hours of holiday per day unless they work a comprised schedule.

How do I get paid when I work a holiday?

Non-exempt employees get paid as usual for any worked time. If you are a benefit-eligible employee, your holiday pay will automatically be added to your normal worked hours.

What are the official holidays observed by NSU?

For more information on the Holidays NSU observes refer to the “NSU Holiday Schedule” at

What if my Center observes other holidays?

If your Center observes other holidays your Supervisor/ Coordinator will manually need to edit your timecard accordingly.

Will employee schedules carry forward into the New Sharktime system?

No.  Managers must enter schedules that are outside of the Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5pm with a 1-hour Lunch pattern.  Other patterns have been added in the system to make entering these schedules easier. 

Does SharkTime use rounding?

SharkTime rounds the in and out punches for day using a 7 minute rounding rule, thus 8:32AM becomes 8:30AM and 5:06PM becomes 5:00PM (without a meal break total hours are 8.5). The rounding for meal breaks is different as SharkTime looks at total break length taken, thus 12:07PM to 1:24PM equals or 1 hour and 17 minutes (77 minutes). SharkTime then rounds this amount of time taken to the nearest quarter hour, equals 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) = 1.25 hour meal break. 

Is it acceptable if I use rounding to come late or leave early to/ from work?

Actual punch times are shown on the SharkTime timecard for the employee’s supervisor information. Supervisors are responsible to enforcing employee punctuality.

The clock in/out button is grayed out.  Can I still punch in/out?

You will be able to select the grayed-out button. A grayed-out button is indicating the prior punch type.  This may mean a punch was missed. Review your timecard and correct, as necessary.

I am a multiple Job employee; how do I select the job I am working?

On the home dashboard, select “Multiple Job EEs Clock In/Out Here” and select the job you are working.

Am I entitled to a lunch or rest break?

Florida does not require employers to provide lunch or rest breaks. Refer to NSU Employee policy # 15 “General Information” at You may contact your HR consultant on this matter.

Am I entitled to a paid meal break?

Only employees who are not completely relieved from duty during their meal period are entitled to paid meal breaks (i.e. Public Safety).

Do I need to time stamp in and out from my meal break?

Yes, all non-exempt (hourly) employees are required to time stamp in and out from their meal break except for those who are not completely relieved from duty during their meal break.

What if I work through my meal break?

In that case, you are entitled to get paid as with any other worked time. If necessary, please contact your supervisor to make the necessary corrections.

When am I entitled to earn overtime?

Florida has no overtime laws, eligibility for overtime pay falls under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act.

Employees covered by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) must receive overtime pay for hours worked in excess of 40 in a workweek of at least one and one-half times their regular rates of pay. The FLSA does not require overtime pay for work on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, or regular days of rest, unless overtime hours are worked on such days.

How can I assure my timecard is accurate to prevent needing corrections?

By reviewing your timecard thoroughly prior to attesting (submitting/approving) it each pay period.

Who can make corrections to my timecard?

Your supervisor, their designated backup person or your area’s Main SharkTime Coordinator can make corrections to your timecard.

Who is my area’s main SharkTime Coordinator?

Please click here to see a list.

How do I request corrections to my timecard?

Corrections should be submitted in Sharktime as a Timesheet Change request.  If the timesheet change request cannot complete the request (i.e. double punches) the correction should be requested in writing, via email to your immediate supervisor. In their absence, please contact their designated backup person or your area’s main SharkTime Coordinator.

How can I view corrections to my timecard?

Log into SharkTime Main Menu> My Info> My Time > Timesheet > Change Requests> Select Timeframe that you are reviewing> Once populated, you can view all activity requested, status of request, date approved/denied, and who approved/denied.

What is the deadline for corrections on my timecard?

SharkTime is signed off (finalized) the Monday following the pay period end date by 3:00PM. When a holiday falls on that Monday, the deadline is extended to the Tuesday following the pay period end date by 10:00AM

What if the deadline passes before the correction is made?

Your direct supervisor will need to submit a Historical Edit Request form to the Payroll Department which will be process on the following regularly scheduled payroll.

How can I view my pay stub?

To view your pay stub, log in to SharkLink - NSU’s official employee portal at SharkLink

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