Use your phone or tablet for work and keep NSU data safe

What is changing?

Use the devices you love to do your best work, while keeping NSU data and resources protected. Simply enroll your phone, tablet, or laptop in Microsoft Intune and enjoy peace of mind as it quietly protects your apps and data. All your private phone data remains for your eyes only! Your device will be automatically set up for NSU email and NSU network access, and you will continue to have access to personal apps and data.

We care about your privacy

Your privacy is important to us. For more information about privacy and your specific enrollment scenario, see our privacy statement

IT cannot see this type of information on your phone or tablet:

- Call history
- Text messages
- Personal email, contacts, calendar
- Web history
- Location
- Camera roll
- Personal Data
- Personal Apps
- Passwords

IT can see this type of information on your phone or tablet:

- Owner - Device name
- Serial number
- Manufacturer
- Model
- Operating system
- NSU apps

How does this change affect me?


What You Need To Do Now

For the most current enrollment instructions click on the video or link below.

Enroll your iOS device with the Intune

Enroll your iOS device with the Intune Company Portal app to gain secure access to your organization’s email, files, and apps.

Note: The iOS warnings you see simply verify that you want to enroll your device.

Install NSU approved apps

IT will use the Company Portal or the Managed AppStore to supply you with many of the apps you need to do your work from your phone or tablet.

Lost your phone or tablet?

Erase your lost or stolen device

If your phone is lost or stolen, you can choose to reset it to factory defaults to remove both your personal and work information from it. You can do this from a browser:

  1. Open in your browser > Sign in to your work account
  2. Under My Devices > click the lost or stolen device
  3. Click Reset > click Reset

Note: OIIT will not do this! If you are unable to reset your lost or stolen device, OIIT will retire the NSU information on it.

Security steps IT can take to keep your data safe

  • IT can take the following actions after you enroll your phone or tablet to make sure university information is secure.
  • Remove company-related files and apps (without removing your personal files or apps).
  • Require you to use a password or PIN.
  • Require your phone or tablet to be compatible with our security standards, which helps you as well as NSU.