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SharkCard Policies and Procedures

Card Issuance Policies

The NSU SharkCard will be issued to you when you first enroll as a student at Nova Southeastern University or upon employment. It is your official identification card and is valid as long as you are an enrolled student or employed at the university. The NSU SharkCard is also issued to individuals affiliated with Nova Southeastern University, based on specific criteria.

Students must be currently enrolled at NSU in order to receive an NSU SharkCard. A photo ID must be shown before an NSU SharkCard will be issued.

New employees must provide a valid photo ID (e.g., license, state ID, passport) before receiving their official NSU SharkCard.

Each student, employee, and affiliate is entitled to carry only one active card. Employees who are taking classes do not receive a student NSU SharkCard. Individuals appointed as graduate assistants (GA) and graduate teaching assistants (TA) are issued a student NSU SharkCard. The name printed on the NSU SharkCard is the individual's official name as recorded in the Nova Southeastern University database. Names on cards will not carry titles.

No profiles, hats, headbands, sunglasses, etc., are allowed when your photograph is taken for the NSU SharkCard. The NSU SharkCard is the property of Nova Southeastern University and is nontransferable. It must be carried at all times and presented and/or surrendered to university officials upon request. Unauthorized use warrants confiscation and/or disciplinary action.

If your NSU SharkCard is replaced due to theft or loss, it is deactivated and cannot be reactivated should you find it at a later date.


One's first NSU SharkCard is free of charge. Subsequent cards issued to the same cardholder will be considered replacement cards whether they are lost, damaged, or stolen and will incur a fee of $25.

A request for a name change, resulting in the issuance of a replacement card, will be free of charge. If it is determined that a name is incorrect due to the university's error, no charge will be assessed to the cardholder for a replacement.

NSU e-cash

NSU e-Cash balances are NOT refundable unless one of these three conditions is met:

  1. Damaged/Lost/Stolen Cards: Funds are automatically transferred once a replacement card is issued.
  2. Separation from NSU: Upon permanently leaving the university, a refund for the balance remaining on your card may be obtained by submitting a written request and surrendering your card within 60 days after the date of your graduation or other date established by the university as your permanent departure date. Balances equal to or under $1 will not be refunded. Whereas, balances in excess of $1 will be refunded through the university billing system. Any unclaimed balance remaining after the end of the 60-day period shall become the property of the university. All refunds are subject to reduction by any outstanding debt owed by the cardholder to the university.

Magnetic Stripe

The magnetic stripe on the back of your NSU SharkCard can be used for checking out materials at the libraries and for meal plans.


To ensure that your NSU SharkCard is maintained in the best possible manner, please make sure that your NSU SharkCard is not left in a vehicle's glove box, on the dashboard, around the rear view mirror or anywhere else within a vehicle. The heat that builds up within a closed vehicle can warp, crack or break all or a portion of the card rendering the card unusable at locations on or off campus that accept the NSU SharkCard (library, parking, copiers, pay-for-print, revalue stations, vending, etc.).

The NSU SharkCard should not be housed within a wallet (especially a man's wallet) due to the fact that the card can become bent, and could crack. It is also recommended that all NSU SharkCards not be kept in close proximity of magnetic devices at any time. Rule of thumb regarding the storage and handling of the NSU SharkCard is that the card should be worn at all times while on or within any NSU campus or facility.

The NSU SharkCard should not be defaced, and no holes or alterations (hole punches, for example) should be undertaken to ease the carrying or use of the card with a keychain. The NSU SharkCard has an embedded antenna engineered within the card itself. This antenna allows for physical access into parking lots and garages as well as access into approved locations on campus. Drilling or punching a hole in the NSU SharkCard will compromise the cards' ability to work properly in various ways.

Please do not affix stickers or make any other modifications to your NSU SharkCard. Such practices may create problems when trying to use your card for official university business, vending, or card swipe functions. Please keep the card in a clear card jacket (available at SharkCard Services, Horvitz Administration Building, Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus) and worn at all times on campus. Individuals requesting replacement SharkCards will incur a replacement charge of $25 This charge will occur on all replacements after the initial card issued by NSU.

Do not lend your NSU SharkCard to others.


The Nova Southeastern University SharkCard Services Office is not liable for financial loss or criminal repercussions associated with lost, stolen, damaged, or fraudulently used cards distributed from the NSU SharkCard Services Office.

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