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Campus Climate and Co-Curricular Diversity

Inclusive Excellence as Campus Climate 

Without a campus climate conducive to inclusive excellence we cannot achieve educational excellence.  Our goal in is to foster an inclusive learning and social environment for all students, staff, faculty, and administrator by:

  • Providing services that will enhance a campus community that values and promotes caring, cooperation, responsible and ethical behavior
  • Offering opportunity for open and free exchange of ideas and respect for and inclusion of all people.

On Being Inclusive

How's your ID?

  • One NSU community and friends, we know you are always doing things to promote inclusiveness on our campus and in the community at large. Share it with us.

Do Something Different

Welcome NSU community to the official Do Something Different Blog. I'm Dr. Debra Nixon, your host. Let me express appreciation to President Ferrari for his continued support of our inclusion efforts. We would not have a blog, a website, or your ear (eye, I should say) without his endorsement. Dr. Yang, Dean of SHSS has offered his infinite support to our efforts, so "Thank you Dean." Now, we have established this blog so that we can share our efforts and experiences with creating what I'm calling a “legacy of inclusion.” We want NSU to be The University for inclusion activity. I’m not talking about simply saying that we are inclusive; I'm talking about doing the things that establishes ourselves, without political correctness, as a campus community that walks the talk. We will establish this distinction through our individual efforts and collective. Each of us will challenge ourselves to be the kind of person that makes this campus an inclusive community. See my list of suggestions below. It's that simple. This is not a mandate; you don't have to participate if you so choose. But, this is our invitation to you to join us. Once you declare your own intentions and find that you are being inclusive in any way that is out your ordinary behavior, visit this blog and share your experience with us.  We want to hear every story--good, not so good, losses, triumphs—as all of them are important. We want this blog to be an open, living conversation where every voice is a valid one, because we want to support every experience. Let's make this happen. DSD—dosomethingdifferent!

More DSD Information

The DSD Personal Challenge

  1. At a party ask someone you don't know to dance
  2. Introduce yourself to someone new
  3. Extend your hand to someone other than your usual acquaintances
  4. Give up your seat for someone
  5. Offer someone the last dessert
  6. Offer a napkin to someone
  7. Teach someone to say hello in your language
  8. Give someone a flower, unexpectedly
  9. Open the door for someone
  10. Offer your seat to someone that is standing
  11. Get someone a drink
  12. Invite someone new to your lunch or dinner table
  13. Give your prize to someone
  14. Invite someone to coffee/tea
  15. Offer to tutor someone
  16. Compliment a stranger
  17. Ask someone to teach you a foreign word
  18. Ask someone to share a hometown custom
  19. Listen
  20. Look into someone's eyes
  21. Smile at someone
  22. Teach someone a dance
  23. Join someone in a dance

Other Inclusive Excellence Opportunities

Join the Inclusion and Diversity (ID) Council

ID Calendars

  • Multicultural Events
  • Trainings & Institutes
  • National Events

ID Resources

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