Stories of Survival. Legacies of Inspiration.

The powerful stories of Holocaust survivors provide wisdom and lessons for future generations. The annual Holocaust Reflection Contest enables middle and high school students across the state of Florida to study the testimonies of Holocaust survivors in a creative way.

Students are asked to find a survivor story that inspires them, and present their reflection in the form of:

  • written expression: essay or poem
  • digital: video or automated presentation
  • visual: art piece

All contest submissions are reviewed and judged by a panel of volunteer educators and community members. 

Submissions will be accepted online and the linked form will become available below from, Wednesday, January 17 through Tuesday, February 20, 2024.

I learned to always be kind to others no matter what. And above all, you must not be afraid to use your voice to stand up against violence and prejudice."

2018 winner | Barbara Goleman Senior High School

2024 Contest Winners

Thank you for participating in this year's contest. Each piece is a beautiful reflection on a survivor's story.

The Prizes

Winning students receive an invitation to attend an awards ceremony on the NSU campus in Fort Lauderdale.

All student participants receive a certificate of participation.

Calling All Teachers!

Bring Survivor Stories into Your Classroom

Teaching students about the lessons of the Holocaust is both a great responsibility and a tremendous opportunity to influence the next generation. As part of the State of Florida's education mandate, middle and high school educators guide students to examine the Holocaust. How can you bring these lessons into your classroom? Participate in the annual Holocaust Reflection Contest sponsored by the Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc. and hosted by Nova Southeastern University (NSU).

All participating teachers (with at least 10 students who submit valid entries) will receive a
$25 Target gift card.

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It’s fairly easy to incorporate this contest in my classroom. By participating in the contest, my students gained reflection and additional knowledge about the Holocaust and an opportunity to express themselves creatively.

Liz Kelsey | Teacher 8th Grade Pre-IB and Gifted Language Arts
image of student speaking at podium

Building A Better World for Tomorrow

The Holocaust shows us the effect that prejudice and racism can have on a community. It helps us to remember that standing by and doing nothing is dangerous. As the Jewish writer Elie Wiesel said, “We must take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim.” Holocaust survivors teach us what resilience, compassion and strength of the human spirit is every time they share their stories. 

An ordinary person can become extraordinary if they do the right thing. It has inspired me to be active in social justice to help illegal immigrants in my community.

2018 winner | Nautilus Middle School

You can help secure a future that believes in social justice and human rights. Learning about the Holocaust gives you opportunities to reflect and make connections to our current world. In sharing your thoughts, through words or art, you can raise awareness, prompt action and make a positive impact.

How to Participate in the Contest

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Begin by reviewing Holocaust survivor testimonies, and find one that speaks to you.

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Reflect on the lessons you can learn about perseverance, compassion, kindness, and the strength of the human spirit in helping those in need, rather than the destructiveness of hate and prejudice. How can these lessons influence your life in today’s world? Your teacher can help you explore these topics and your thoughts about them.

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Create an original piece that clearly expresses what you learned about yourself and modern society by studying this survivor's story.

  • written expression: essay or poem
  • digital: video or automated presentation
  • visual: art piece
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Use the Student Checklist to ensure you're on track to successfully submit your project.

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To enter the contest, complete the online application and upload your project when the contest opens by the deadline.

About the Contest

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