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Online Course Evaluation FAQs

You need to be able to run scripts on your page. To make sure JavaScripts are enabled, please go to Tools and click Internet Options. Click the Security tab at the top, then click Custom Level. Scroll down and make sure Active Scripting is enabled.

In addition, some anti-virus software programs block scripts from being run on pages and it will keep you from successfully logging in to the online evaluations page. Please disable this feature on your antivirus software and try again. **Please note: the Help Desk cannot walk you through changing the settings on your anti-virus software. Please consult the manual for this information.

In the event you have forgotten your login credentials, the first step is to retrieve your Sharklink ID (International), and if needed reset your password the fast and easy way by going to and follow the prompt. If you encounter any technical difficulties you're welcome to contact the Help Desk at (954) 262-4357 or 800-541-6682, ext. 24357.

Access will be active immediately after the password change take effect in the system. If you have changed your password on your own, or called the SharkIT to have your password reset.

If you miss the deadline date you will not be able to take the online evaluation. Evaluations cannot be reopened after the deadline has passed. 

For Students using IDEA please contact your college Evaluation Administrator with your questions and concerns.

HPD students will need to contact their respective program offices.

If you are enrolled in courses that are ending soon, please contact our office and we will research the problem for you. The program may not have made them available to you yet.

No. Click the Refresh button on your browser toolbar. The status of the evaluation will change to Done. If not, simply close your browser. Your evaluations ratings are automatically captured by the system.

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