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Register/Add/Drop Classes

  • Sign into 
  • Select Academics:



  • Under Useful Links: Select Registration Add/Drop SEA


  • Then Select Register for classes


  • You will then be prompted to sign in using your Nova Student email
  • (password, same used for accessing sharklink)


  • After you signed in you may see ACTION ITEMS PENDING
    • SEA (student enrollment agreement)
    • Select the SEA read the statement
    • Scroll to the bottom and agree to the SEA to proceed with registering for classes
  • Select your Term (Ex: Fall 2022) and proceed with registration


  • After selecting the term you will be taken to the Add/drop Worksheet. Use one of the 2 options to complete the worksheet.
    • Find Class: Find classes by entering basic search criteria or use the advance search
    • Enter CRNs: If known Enter the Course Reference number (CRN) 


  • Using: Find Classes
    • Click inside the subject box to select a desired Subject, 


  • Then click search 


  • Find your desired class by scrolling through the list. 
  • Click the course name under title for additional information. 
  • To add the course on the right, click Add. 
  • Locate and click submit at the bottom right corner to register for class. 
  • Confirm your registration under summary 


  • Using CRNs: select Enter CRNs
    • Type the CRNs for the courses you wish to take in the boxes
    • click +Add another CRN to add multiple CRNs at once.
    • When you are finished, click Add to Summary
    • at the bottom right click on Submit


In the event that you are unable to register for your classes or complete online course drop, you can use the Student Transaction Form (Online). 



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