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Request for Administrator Rights

IT Security have recently updated the workflow for requesting administrative rights and now require an electronic form to be submitted and signed by you, your supervisor, and the CISO through DocuSign. Please create a ticket in ServiceNow and it will be assigned to Angela Ku, who will be happy to assist you. Please add the below information onto the ticket to start the process.


Applicant name


Applicant title


Applicant department


Applicant email


Applicant phone


Applicant NSU ID


Applicant role


Timeframe for admin rights


Primary job function


Device name(s) assigned by NSU (e.g., D-IIT12345D)


Device type(s)
(e.g., Windows desktop, Mac laptop, Linux servers, etc.)


Justification for admin access (e.g., which specific programs will need regular updates)


Sponsor/supervisor name


Sponsor/supervisor title


Sponsor/supervisor department


Sponsor/supervisor email


Sponsor/supervisor phone


Applicant data access

Indicate if you have access to:


protected health information (PHI)


personally identifiable information (PII)


research data or information


student information (FERPA)


cardholder information (PCI)


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