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Map a Shared Drive in MacOS

1. Open Finder .


2. Navigate to the Menu Bar click Go > Connect to Server… or you may use the command ⌘ + K keyboard shortcut. 




3. In the Connect to Server window enter smb://servername/sharename. In the example provided below the servername = nsuserver and the sharename = nsushare. If you have multiple share drives that you access you can click the + at the lower left of the window to add the share drive as a Favorite Server, for quicker access in the future. Then click Connect.



4. A window will appear notifying you of the server you are trying to access. Click Connect. 



5. You must connect to the share as Registered UserYour Name = NSU Username. Your Password = NSU Password. Once each field is entered, click Connect. 



6. A successful mapping will populate the share drive in Finder. Under the Locations section of the Sidebaryou will see the servername. While on the Toolbar you will see the sharename. 


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