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How to Search for Available Courses

To search for the CRN for a course you are trying to register for, you will need to have some basic information about the course. At the very least, you will need the subject name. If you do not have this information:

  • Try searching the Class Schedule (link on main WebSTAR page)
  • Try checking your program's webpage for information
  • Contact your advisor for assistance.

If you have the course information, you can continue with these instructions. If not, please print them out for future reference.

  1. Once you log in to WebSTAR, you will see the general menu (as shown below):
    WebSTAR Student Tab

  2. Click on Student Financial Services and Registration and you will see the following menu:
    WebSTAR Student Financial Services and Registration Menu

  3. Click on Registration on the student menu. You will then see the registration menu, as shown below:
    WebSTAR Registration Navigational Menu

  4. Click Look-up Classes to Add.
    WebSTAR Look-Up Classes to Add Screen

  5. Select the term from the drop-down menu OR enter the date range for the course and click Submit. You will be brought to the Look-up screen.

  6. Now you will select the subject name for the course you are looking for. In the example below, we are searching for CUR 0526. If you are unsure about the course number, you can search for all courses with that subject - just leave the course number blank.
    WebSTAR Search for Course by Subject and/or CRN
    * Please Note: If the subject you're looking for isn't listed, first make sure you searched the correct term. If so, the course may not be available for registration at this time. Contact your advisor for further instructions.

  7. Click Class Search. You will see results similar to what is shown below.
    WebSTAR Class Search Results

  8. Put a check next to the course you wish to register for.

    • If you are only registering for this one course, click Register.

    • If you want to add this course and search for another one, click Add to WorkSheet.

    • If you'd like to start your search over again, uncheck any selections and click Class Search to be brought back to the Look-up screen.

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