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How to View WebSTAR Course Schedule

  1. Once you log in to WebSTAR, you will see the general menu (as shown below):
    WebSTAR Student Tab

  2. Click on Student Financial Services and Registration and you will see the following menu:
    WebSTAR Student Financial Services and Registration Menu

  3. Click on Registration on the student menu. You will then see the registration menu, as shown below:
    WebSTAR Student Registration Navigational Menu

  4. Click on Student Schedule by Day & Time. You will be brought to the current week's schedule of classes.
    WebSTAR Student Schedule by Day & Time (Current Week View)

    • You can navigate to another week by clicking on Previous Week or Next Week to the respective left and right of the date.

    • Or, you can enter a date (in the field above the date) and click Submit to see your class schedule for the week that date falls in.

  5. To view a detailed schedule of your classes, you can either go back to the Registration menu and click Student Detail Schedule. Or, if you are in the Schedule by Day & Time, you can click the Detail Schedule link at the bottom of the page (not shown in the example above).

  6. You will be prompted to select the term you are looking for. Choose it from the drop down menu provided and click Submit.
    WebSTAR Select a Term Drop Box

  7. You will see the detailed information for each of your classes shown in this window (example below):
    WebSTAR Student Detail Schedule Screen

* Please Note: If you click on the email icon to the right of the instructor's name, your default email program will open a compose window addressed to your instructor.

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