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Update Your Email Address

If you would like to change your email address on file at the university, you can do so through the Personal Information section of WebSTAR.

Very Important: By following these instructions, you will be specifying a secondary personal email address through WebSTAR. You are not able to change your NSU email address or forward your NSU email to another address using WebSTAR.

  1. Once you login to WebSTAR, you will see the general menu. Click on Personal Information. You will see the following menu:
    WebSTAR Personal Information Menu

  2. Click on Update E-mail Address(es). You will be brought to the following screen:
    WebSTAR Personal Information - Update Student E-Mail Address

  3. The "Student E-Mail Address" section will show your NSU email address by default. To change this information, click the email address.
    WebSTAR Personal Information - Preferred NSU E-Mail Settings

  4. You can now highlight the existing email address and change it to your personal email address or you can remove it completely by putting a check next to Delete this address.

    Please note the Preferred NSU Email Address. This is your NSU email address. If this is not correct, please send an email to

    Please Note: You cannot change your existing email address if you don't like the address you were assigned by emailing this address.

  5. Click Submit when you're done modifying your addresses. Click Reset to discard all changes. Click Select a Different E-mail Address to Update to discard all changes and go back to the previous page.

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