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WebSTAR for Graduate Admissions

You can now apply for Graduate admission to the University through WebSTAR.

  1. Go to and click on Admissions.
    WebStar admission 1

  2. Once you have created your login ID and PIN you will be able to sign in on this page. To create your login ID and PIN click on First time user account creation.

  3. Your Login ID can consist of letters and/or numbers and is case sensitive. Your PIN must be eight digits in length or

    Alphanumeric(letters and numbers). Make sure to enter your PIN twice then click on Submit.

    Note: Please be sure to write down your Login ID and PIN.


  4. Select an application type from the option provided below.

  5. Click on the program you would like to apply to.webstar_adm6

  6. webstar_adm7

  7. webstar_adm8

  8. After you have completed and submitted the information for one of the sections, a checkmark will show up to the left of it as shown below.

  9. Once all subjects have been completed, you may click Application Complete. If you need to leave the system at any time, click Finish Later.

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