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NSU Commencement is a very special occasion that is held annually and publicly recognizes your graduating students for their hard work, intellectual efforts, and academic achievements. Faculty members are strongly encouraged to attend their appropriate commencement ceremony in order to demonstrate support on this joyous occasion.

Ways to Participate

Faculty may participate in the commencement ceremonies in the following ways:


General Faculty

Participate in the Academic Procession and are seated in a designated area during the commencement exercise.

Faculty Regalia

Faculty reserve their seat at commencement and order regalia by submitting the online Faculty Commencement Participation FormIt is important that any faculty member who plans on attending commencement completes the electronic participation form, even if you have your own regalia.

On Commencement day, faculty members are encouraged to wear their personal regalia as a proud statement of your significant academic accomplishments and an encouragement to our graduates to continue their own educational journey. Faculty may also rent ($131.00 plus tax) or buy ($411.00 plus tax) regalia from the NSU Bookstore if they do not have their own. Check with your college regarding regalia purchase assistance.

If you need regalia, after submitting your Faculty Commencement Participation Form, you will automatically be redirected to the NSU Bookstore/Oak Hall Cap & Gown website. Follow the prompts to complete the order for appropriate regalia. Write out your degree (no abbreviations, please) to assist bookstore personnel in providing you the correct color hood. There will be no pick up option. All regalia will be mailed to the address you provide at the time of renting or purchasing regalia.

For additional questions regarding your regalia, contact the NSU Shark Store at (954) 262-4799.


Commencement parking is located at gates 2 and 3. 

Handicapped-accessible and special needs parking spaces are available to faculty with disabilities. Only vehicles legally using disabled license plates or window placards are permitted to park in these designated spaces. Golf carts will be in operation before and after the ceremony to transport special-needs faculty to and from the parking lot.


Heightened Security Measures

For the protection of all, faculty members will be screened with metal detector wands and all bags will be inspected upon entering the Hard Rock Stadium. *All bags must be clear. Please visit  for stadium policy. Also, there will be are no facilities available for storing personal belongings.

Please visit for the stadium's information on CDC guidelines. 

Academic Procession for Faculty

The academic procession, consisting of candidates and participating faculty assemble one hour and a half before the ceremony begins and are led into the stadium field. The entrance processional leaves the faculty staging area 10 minutes prior to the ceremony start time. 

Faculty will enter through gates 2 and 3, where they will be directed to the line up area. Light refreshments, chairs, and full-length mirrors will be available for your convenience. A bookstore representative will also be available for any additional items needed.

No Rented regalia will be returned at the ceremony the day of commencement or to the book store. All rented regalia will be returned within 7 days after the commencement ceremonies are complete. Please use the box that the regalia was shipped in to return it as well, along with the return label that was provided in the box.  

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