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NSU Case Competitions

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What is a Case Competition?

A case competition starts with the presentation of a “problem,” fictitious or real, from an employer or campus partner. The case is usually presented as a short story or case with accompanying data to illustrate key aspects of the situation. A student or team is asked to identify how they would solve the problem and submit their solutions. The top student submissions will be selected to present to a panel of judges. 

Why participate in Case Competitions?

Case competitions provide an avenue to show employers or campus partners the value you can add to your specific career industry. You will be using classroom stills/knowledge to provide solutions to “real world scenarios”. This is a great selling point on your resume and an ideal avenue to apply the skills needed in your industry. 

Sharks will not only gain hands-on experience in their field but also will be competing for prizes and/or scholarships. 

Past Prizes... 

  • Offers for internships or full-time positions 
  • Three-day cruise
  • $1,000 scholarship 
  • Gift cards 

How do Case Competitions work?

Each case challenges students to utilize critical thinking skills to assess the case study and develop viable solutions that will be evaluated by an expert panel of judges. Top solutions will be presented to a panel of judges including representatives from the individual company, campus partners, and NSU faculty. 

Need more information? Here are some of our past Case Competitions to get you inspired: Past Case Competition Descriptions  

What do I get for participating?

Each competition will have incentives for the winners and participants. Each employer or campus partner is required to provide a prize for the winning team (e.g., scholarships, gift cards etc.) Each student will receive one ExEL unit credit for the completion of a case competition. Meet with your Career Advisor to learn more about this amazing opportunity and steps needed to receive ExEL credit.  

Upcoming Case Competitions

Ready to dive into the deep end? Learn more about our upcoming case competitions below: 


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