If every message we convey and every story we tell comes from the same conceptual place, we will come across as a unified institution. This strengthens our brand and our credibility.

Our key messaging for The NSU Edge starts with our brand promise: NSU gives you a competitive advantage in your career, your community, your life.

  • At NSU, students don’t just get an education; they prepare for real careers, real contributions and real life.
  • The NSU Edge empowers students so they can build their own future and make a difference in the world.
  • NSU gives students the edge they need to become confident, capable, and caring professionals who can outsmart, outperform, and outlast their competition.
  • NSU students are given the tools to harness the best within themselves to become the best possible version of themselves.
  • The NSU Edge is about driving forward, and becoming an unstoppable force of nature.

How does NSU deliver The NSU Edge to students?

  • Studies at NSU are specifically designed to give each student practical, professional, immersive learning experiences.
  • Students at NSU get personal attention from professors that are typically industry-experienced experts.
  • Students are exposed to the professional community to develop skills and make valuable connections.·      

Why should people believe these claims? Because we always provide concrete, genuine proof points to prove it. For example:

  • Innovative programs like the Fischler Academy allow students to complete their undergraduate and master’s degrees in just four years, so they can start working sooner and at a higher salary level than typical entry level positions.
  • Each NSU undergrad has a dedicated personal career coach to guide them through their time at college.
  • Dual admission programs give students a faster track to graduate and professional school.

How does NSU deliver the edge to other important NSU audiences? Here are some examples:

  • NSU’s University School has a 100-percent college acceptance rate for its students, so their parents can position their kids for long-term success.
  • NSU alumni can grow their business or advance their career by networking with some of the 170,000 other NSU alums who are leading in their professions.
  • Donors who give to NSU can see the fruits of their generosity in action through personal letters from recipients and impact reporting.

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