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NSU has a longstanding commitment to social progress and social justice. We believe in living our values and strive for inclusive excellence in all aspects of our university. The BEDI Advisory Council was created to help guide NSU’s diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion efforts. Below we define these concepts and provide additional learning guides for your awareness and further development.


Belonging means full membership in the NSU community, not only in formal participation but also in an affirming sense of community with inclusive people, physical spaces, and organizational structures.

Equity includes the creation of opportunities, systems, and structures which remove barriers and close gaps in outcomes for those from historically underrepresented groups.
NSU believes that diversity includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, philosophy, gender, viewpoint, physical, socioeconomic status, age, and sexual orientation. Differences in interpretations and reactions derived from diversity are important, as is mutual respect for all. Diversity makes NSU a stronger university and enriches a learning environment focused on preparing individuals to live and work in a global society.
Whereas the word diversity refers to all forms of difference, the term inclusion refers to the act or state of being included. To include is to actively invite presence and participation; diversity defines what we invite: variety. Inclusion represents the interaction, mutual respect, and sense of community among those from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives within a particular environment.


Please click here for more information about NSU's Preferred Name and Pronouns policy.

Download the BEDI Advisory Council Preferred Name Pronouns Guide here.

This guide helps honor and recognize the Indigenous communities on whose land Nova Southeastern University resides. The BEDI Advisory Council created this guide for members of the NSU community and BEDI Advisory Council when opening hybrid, online, and in-person events.

The suggested statements encourage a thoughtful and respectful acknowledgment of the historical and cultural contributions of Indigenous peoples, fostering a more inclusive atmosphere during gatherings.

Download the Indigenous Communities Acknowledgment Statement Guide here.

This directory outlines NSU's current best practices and internal initiatives that support diversity, programming, and accreditation activities. It also highlights practices that can be adapted by other colleges/units or scaled across the entire NSU enterprise.

Find a listing of BEDI-related initiatives here, sorted by College/Center. 

To submit a BEDI Initiative to the Inventory, click here. 

The resources listed below are dedicated to supporting and empowering members and allies of the LGBTQ+ community at NSU. Please note that the views expressed and information presented by these groups are provided for your reference and may not necessarily represent the views of NSU or its BEDI Advisory Council.
  • For more information about the Safety in Private Space Act at NSU, click here.
  • For locations of gender-neutral restrooms click on the “Layer” Tab, and “Gender Neutral Restrooms” section of the interactive campus map here.
  • For more information about NSU Gender Inclusive Housing and Roommate Matching Options click here or contact
  • For NSU Student Campus based organizations click here.
  • More information about NSU Student Care, NSU Student Counseling (NSU students receive up to 10 free sessions), and Student Health Insurance.
  • For more information on LGBTQ+ resources such as scholarships, awards, community agencies, national organizations, news, research and literature, definition, and awareness materials, click our special BEDI Library Guide here.

These resources help to support a positive, educational, and inclusive experience for all NSU stakeholders.

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