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Astra Administrator Contacts

Fort Lauderdale/Davie Campus

Aquatics Center

Athletics and Student Affairs(ASA)/Student Affairs Building(SAB)

Don Taft University Center

Family Center Village/Mailman Segal Center (MSC)

Horvitz Administration

Rosenthal Student Center

Alvin Sherman Library, Research, and Information Technology Center (LRITC)

Carl DeSantis

Center for Collaborative Research


Mailman Hollywood

Maltz Psychology


Shepard Broad Law Center

University School


 Assembly I

Assembly II


Medical Clinic

Medical Laboratory / Library

Terry Administration


Commons Residence Hall

Leo Goodwin Sr. Residence Hall

Rolling Hills Building C

Mako Residence Hall

Other Locations

Main Building

Education and Technology Buildings are no longer schedulable locations


Although catering is the responsibility of the person or group holding an event (excluding FCE events), it is important to make schedulers aware of events that require catering as some locations do not permit food on the premises. Visit NSU's Catering website for more information regarding catering services and contact the designated scheduler of your location for catering policies.

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