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Special Projects Fund


Provide NSU Levan Ambassadors Board members and others with opportunities to make contributions to NSU for a special purpose identified by the NSU Levan Ambassadors Board.

Contributions and Allocations

Contributions to the NSU Levan Ambassadors Board Special Projects Fund can be made in recognition of relatives, friends, work associates, colleagues, and others. Contributions can be made in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, achievements, other events, and for memorials.

These funds will be used to provide for NSU special projects or needs identified and approved by the NSU Levan Ambassadors Board Executive Committee. Projects or needs can include equipment for a college, scholarships for students, and more.


We invite you to honor a colleague’s life-cycle event or to memorialize someone special. A note of gratitude will be sent to you, as well as any other individual(s) of your choice.

How to Contribute

Contributions (minimum of $100) can be made via the "Contribute Here" link. Or, by check mailed to:

Nova Southeastern University
P.O. Box 2217
Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33303

Contributions to this fund are tax deductible. 

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