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General Tutoring Services Information

One-on-one tutoring sessions, offered by the Tutoring and Testing Center (TTC), are free. They are designed to be interactive and require active student participation. Tutoring is not available for NSU placement tests or CLEP examinations.

Subject-Based Tutoring

TTC offers supplemental assistance to students in their current coursework. Prior to tutoring sessions, students should have attended classes and attempted their assignments.

  • Math
  • Sciences (physics, chemistry, and biology)
  • Computer Science (CSIS 1800; CSIS 2050; CSIS 2101; CSIS 3101)
  • Psychology (PSYC 1020; PSYC 2350; PSYC 2900) 

                     ***Complete list of courses tutored***

Keep in mind:

  • Tutoring sessions are designed to improve students’ understanding of course content.
  • Course-specific tutoring sessions neither teach new material nor replace classroom instruction.
  • Students should bring specific questions or concerns to their tutoring sessions.
  • Supplemental resources are available, such as DVDs or computer tutorial programs. Materials for all undergraduate math courses are available.

Writing Tutoring

Writing Across the Curriculum, NSU’s academic policy, requires that all courses include a significant writing component. TTC assists students in meeting their writing goals. Students are guided toward becoming more independent writers. Writing tutors actively engage students in all phases of the writing process. Common topics of discussion include brainstorming, organization, revision, sentence structure, grammar, and research techniques. Writing tutoring is not an editing service.

Writing is a process requiring extensive time commitment. Therefore, a tutoring session may not allow for a review of an entire paper. Since tutoring sessions are learning experiences, students are expected to apply what they learn during their tutoring sessions to the remainder of their assignments and to subsequent assignments. Students are encouraged to plan sufficient time for tutoring sessions and independent follow-up revisions. Students are required to bring two double-spaced copies of their paper to each tutoring session. The tutor will make notes on and retain one of the copies.


All online tutoring is conducted by Ft. Lauderdale/Davie campus tutors. To use online tutoring, download the GoToTraining platform. You will be given instructions on how to do this when you make your first appointment. The visual connection for the tutoring session is established through a shared computer screen, allowing the student and the tutor to interact simultaneously. The audio connection can be established through a phone or a headset.

How to Succeed in Online Writing Courses

As you should do with all online courses, explore the course fully before it officially starts. Be sure to locate the course description and policies and the course schedule that lists readings and assignment and due dates. If your instructor uses the Blackboard calendar, be sure to look at that often. If your instructor does not use the calendar, make sure that you keep your own calendar so you don't lose track of due dates.

Use a current version of MS Word to compose your writing assignments and be sure to save all your assignments on a back-up disk, as well as on your hard drive.

Read your instructor's (and peers') comments on your papers diligently and do your best to incorporate these suggestions into your revisions. Ask questions when you do not understand.

When preparing writing assignments, be sure to follow your instructor's guidelines carefully. Remember, though you do not turn in a hard copy, a paper you do for an online class should look just as good as a paper you do for a ground-based class. Remember to run spell-check and proofread carefully.

Don't wait until the last minute to work on and turn in writing assignments. Unforeseen circumstances, like technical difficulties, often occur, and your instructor will likely deduct points for your grade for lateness, regardless of the reason.

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