Tri-Rail Employer Discount Program

Tri-Rail's Employer Discount Program

Employees must enroll online to join the Employer Discount Program. Tri-Rail will request approval for all applications from the NSU EDP representative. Once approval is given, an EDP ID card is mailed to the address provided by the employee by Tri-Rail.

EDP members must produce an EDP ID when on the train. Additionally, if a NSU EDP member is purchasing discounted tickets from ticket agent(s) in lieu of the NSU salary deduction program, the EDP ID must be produced.

Benefits include:

Zone Fares

# of Zones
EDP Discount
EDP Discount
1 $75.00 $15.95
2 $75.00 $23.45
3 $75.00 $31.40
4 $75.00 $35.65
5 $75.00 $39.40
6 $75.00 $43.15

The EDP is beneficial to everyone other than seniors (aged 65 and older), students and individuals deemed with a disability. These categories are already eligible for discounts with Tri-Rail.

Voluntary Payroll Deduction