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About Us

The Office of Records Management administers consistent recordkeeping practices and comprehensive inventory management at NSU. In support of the University mission, professional principles and best practices are incorporated in the policies and procedures that govern the management of university records and surplus property.

Records Management

The NSU Records Management and Destruction Policy is the result of a collaborative effort to codify how university records are managed. The policy reflects input from the 36 NSU departments and centers consulted during its development. The Records Policy includes a Retention Schedule and Destruction Forms to systematize the management of university records. Records management training dates will be scheduled soon. If you have questions about records management, contact or call (954) 262-8893.

Surplus Property and Dedicated Storage

In collaboration with our offsite storage vendor, Graebel, Business Services maintains a Web-based inventory for dedicated storage. If you have a Web user account, you can login at

If you have questions about surplus property or dedicated storage, contact

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