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You may contact the Office of Institutional Effectiveness at (954) 262-5390. We are located at:

Office of Institutional Effectiveness
Nova Southeastern University
University Park Plaza
3434 University Drive, Suite 3434
Ft. Lauderdale-Davie, FL 33328
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Institutional Effectiveness

Name Title Phone Email
Donald Rudawsky, Ph.D. Vice President (954) 262-5392 Email
Kimberly Cronin, M.S. Assistant Director (954) 262-5386 Email
Vacant Administrative Assistant (954) 262-5397 Email
Vacant Clerical Assistant (954) 262-5384 Email


Name Title Phone Email
Jane Duncan, Ph.D Director (954) 262-5382 Email
Adam Rosenthal, M.B.A. Admin Coordinator: Accreditation and Academic Resources (954) 262-5379 Email

Institutional and Community Engagement

Name Title Phone Email
Barbara Packer-Muti, Ed.D. Executive Director (954) 262-5398 Email
Alejandrina Matias, B.S. Coordinator of Institutional and  Community Engagement (954) 262-5393 Email

Institutional Research 

Name Title Phone Email
Tom MacFarland, Ed.D. Senior Research Associate (954) 262-5390 Email
Arie Spirgel, Ph.D. Research Associate (954) 262-5391 Email
Yi Zhang, M.S. & M.S.M.E. Statistical Data Analyst (954) 262-5389 Email
Carmel Joseph, M.P.H. Data Analyst (954) 262-5413 Email

Institutional Review Board

Name Title Phone Email
Jennifer Dillon, M.A. Director (954) 262-5311 Email
Randy Denis, B.S. Specialist, Institutional Review Board (954) 262-5369 Email
Vacant Administrative Assistant (954) 262-5369 Email

Licensure & State Relations

Name Title Phone Email
Gregory Stiber, Ed.D. Executive Director (954) 262-5381 Email
Diana Riviera, M.A. Assistant Director (954) 262-5361 Email
Jeannette Betancourt Manager (954) 262-5319 Email