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Weather Advisory

Puerto Rico Campus Updates

NSU Puerto Rico students are asked to check-in via text message at 1-954-806-8742. If you have information on the condition and whereabouts of a classmate that is unable to communicate, please send us that information as well.

The Puerto Rico Regional Campus is now open from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. This schedule is in effect until further notice. Some areas of the campus remain closed to all NSU students, staff and faculty due to water damage.

The College of Pharmacy will resume classes on October 16. Classes will run Mondays – Fridays, from Oct 16 through Dec 29. Fischler College of Education classes continue to be cancelled. More information can be found on the Academics page of this website.

Puerto Rico Travel

NSU has frozen all university-related travel to the island, until such time that it is safe to travel and help with restoration efforts. NSU’s Puerto Rico Regional Campus sustained some damage, the extent of which is not yet known. If you already have NSU-related travel booked, please reach out to the NSU Travel Office at (954) 262-8888, or 1-800-541-6682 x28888, or email the NSU Travel Office at

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