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Please direct any questions or concerns to Strategic Support Services at sss@nova.edu or (954) 262-0777.

Hours of Operations:

Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 9:00 pm

Registration Process Video

Emergency Notification System Register Video

Do you have questions about the Emergency Notification System (ENS) registration process? We have you covered with this step-by-step guide to setting up your new ENS account. Click the button below to launch the video.

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For current weather information and advisories for NSU's four campuses, please visit AccuWeather.

In order to activate the new emergency response system, we need each employee to provide us with his or her Personal Emergency Contact Information to be used only when absolutely necessary. Please help us protect you, your friends, and perhaps even your families.

Start by clicking the button below to “Get Started.”  Then follow the steps below to complete your registration.

Get Started  Download Instructions

Step 1

  1. Select the “Sign me Up!” link as a first-time user.

  2. Enter first and last name along with Sharklink email.
  3. Create password (passwords must be at least 8 characters, include 1 lower-case letter, include 1 upper case letter and include 1 number.  Spaces and special characters are not permitted)
  4. Place a check in the user agreement box and select CONTINUE, on the following screen select SEND.
  5. Check email for registration confirmation and click on the link provided in the email.  The link will return you back to the system.
  6. Re-enter the system but this time use the email and password boxes to enter your information since you are no longer a first-time-user.

    Re-enter the system
  7. Answer the 3 security questions and click SAVE.
  8. Your account has now been activated, click LOGIN.
  9. Enter your NSU ID.

    Enter your NSU ID
  10. Enter your Sharklink email and then select SUBMIT.

    Enter your SharkLink email
  11. Select the information that is associated with your profile then click NEXT.

    Select the information

Step 2

  1. Select preferred language and click NEXT.
  2. Select preferred phone number and method of contact.  Click SAVE.

    Select preferred phone number

Step 3

  1. Set subscriptions.  At the moment NSU-ALERT is the only subscription.  Additional subscriptions will be available in the future. Click NEXT.

    Set subscriptions.

Step 4

  1. Select EDIT if you wish to make additional changes, otherwise select DONE.

    Select EDIT
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!  You have completed the registration process on our new NSU Emergency Notification System.

    You have completed the registration process