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Puerto Rico Travel and NSU CARES Fund

Hurricane Maria was the most dangerous storm to hit Puerto Rico in a century, bringing "catastrophic" 155mph winds and knocking out power to the island's entire population of 3.5 million. The hurricane left a path of destruction that will only become evident in the days and weeks to come. Many Nova Southeastern University students, faculty and staff, and alumni have close connections to Puerto Rico, and we stand strong with you in this difficult time.

Due to safety concerns, NSU will freeze all university-related travel to the island, until such time that it is safe to travel and help with restoration efforts. NSU’s Puerto Rico Regional Campus sustained some damage, the extent of which is not yet known. If you already have NSU-related travel booked, please reach out to the NSU Travel Office at (954) 262-8888, or 1-800-541-6682 x28888, or email the NSU Travel Office at:

NSU administration is working with the Colleges of Pharmacy and Education to ensure that the fall term normalizes as soon as possible. Information on classes/coursework will be communicated directly from your colleges.

After Hurricane Irma, NSU created NSU CARES to offer our help to those who are in need. Now, we are extending that fund to NSU's students and faculty/staff members who are affected by Hurricane Maria.

We want to thank everyone in the community, and beyond, who have reached out to help in their own meaningful ways. To date, we have received many offers to help and volunteer, and raised over $25,000 to support those most affected. Please consider making a donation or volunteering time to help these individuals return to a sense of normalcy, in what are quite abnormal times. You can DONATE online, or by texting NSUCARES to 41444.

To volunteer your assistance, or request relief support, please email

To request assistance from NSU Cares, please complete the NSU Cares form and email to

Thank you for your support and contributions, and stay Shark Strong.

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