Web Page Instructions

The Online Computing Help Desk is available to assist with technical problems concerning your web page on your personal web space at NSU. We are unable to offer one-on-one instruction on how to create your personal web page. Please use this guide as a reference and if you have a specific, technical issue you may contact our office for assistance.


Before you get started with your web page, you will need the following:

Editing and Publishing Software

You can use Netscape 4.x, 6 or 7 to create and publish your page. Please be advised that Netscape 8 does not have the Composer option.

Please Note:

We do not support Microsoft FrontPage because our servers do not have the required extensions necessary for publishing. Even if you successfully create and publish your page, the formatting may be wrong and you may have broken links.

We do not support Microsoft Word. When you finally publish a page created in Word, frames and formatting may not show up properly on the Internet. We are not able to assist with this.

If you would like to create your page in HTML you can use Notepad. Click here for a thorough tutorial on how to do so. Please be advised: we do not assist with HTML programming.