Provost's Research and Scholarship Award

New this year! Revised eligibility guidelines!

Purpose of the Award

To recognize demonstrated achievement in research and scholarship by an NSU faculty member.

Description of Award

Research and scholarship are two of NSU's core values. The Provost's Research and Scholarship Award (PRSA) recognizes innovative and sustained activities in scholarly pursuits in support of NSU's mission to foster intellectual inquiry, academic excellence, research, and a dynamic learning environment. Excellence in faculty research and scholarship enhances education, patient care, and public service, and develops superior scholarship. This annual award recognizes distinguished accomplishments in the pursuit of research and scholarly activities across the academic disciplines.

Award Criteria

  1. Exemplifies excellence in research and scholarship
  2. Significant contributions to the field of study
  3. Externally recognized in the field
  4. Awards/Service to professional organizations
  5. Provides mentoring support to other faculty
  6. Teaching/Learning
  7. Successful external funding record
  8. Publications


Revised for 2017!

Who is Eligible?

Who is Not Eligible?

For self-nominations, a letter of support from an NSU faculty member or dean is required.

Nomination Process and Application

The 2017 nomination cycle is closed. Please check back in August 2018 for the next nomination cycle.

Instructions for creating and submitting an application are as follows.

Award Process

During the nomination cycle, all successfully submitted application forms will receive email confirmation. The Provost's Research and Scholarship Award Council will review applications, select finalists, and submit recommendations to the Provost for final selection.

The winner of the Provost's Research and Scholarship Award will be announced at the FY 2017 External Funding Recognition Reception held on October 19, 2017. All nominators and nominees will be invited to that event.

Key Dates

Dates shown are for the 2017 nomination cycle.

Previous Winners

Read about previous winners of the Provost's Scholarship and Research Award.


Please contact Roxana Ross.