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The Current

The Current is NSU's one and only student-run newspaper. As the mission statement asserts, the staff at The Current strives to unify and inform the entire NSU community by covering important news and events happening on campus and elsewhere and by offering critiques on NSU's policies and actions, politics, world events, and entertainment.

The Current does not just represent the views or ideas of the staff. It is the voice of every member of the NSU community. It is staff's goal to provide students with unbiased, honest reporting on important issues, events, and actions happening at every corner of this university. The staff wants to give the NSU community the chance to create their own views and opinions about the university by providing the most information and coverage available on important topics.

On top of that, the staff wants to provide opposing viewpoints on those same topics, new films and music, American politics and policy, and various international events. This way, The Current does not only supply the NSU community with facts, but also strives to create a dialogue amongst students, faculty and staff that will help this university continue growing and will keep all members of the NSU community learning inside and outside of the classroom.

We Want to Know What You Think

The Current staff does not want the NSU community to stop at just reading the newspaper every week. The staff wants to hear what you think about the topics, The Current covers and any information the articles may have missed. There are four ways the NSU community can get caught in The Current:

  1. Read The Current and send Letters to the Editor. These letters will be read and printed in the newspaper along with a response from the Editor-in-Chief of The Current. All letters can either be e-mailed to NSU News.
  2. Frequent our website and comment on articles in the Post a comment section of the specific article's webpage. These comments are read and kept track of daily by The Current's writers, editors and staff members. This is an invaluable space for students to start conversations with each other and with The Current's staff.
  3. Watch for The Current at events going on around the campus, such as orientation, and attend events hosted by The Current in the coming year. Members of the NSU community can get acquainted with The Current staff and talk with them face-to-face.
  4. Apply for a position on The Current staff. The Current is offering opportunities for students to become new staff members. For more information, come to our office located in the ASA building, Room 105 and pick up an application, or e-mail NSU News.
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