NSU OI2T SHARE Newsletter - August 2014, Issue 7 - page 7

In a bustling world where people are connected to
support modern advancements in research, Nova
Southeastern University continues to participate
in the REDCap Consortium that is composed of
more than 1,000 institutional partners. REDCap is a
browser-based solution for designing translational
and clinical research databases. Developed by a
team at Vanderbilt University, REDCap addresses
common problems for academic biomedical
researchers through the use of electronic databases
as data storage solutions.
The REDCap application is designed to support data
capture for research studies and allows consortium
participants to build and easily manage online
surveys and databases. NSU’s REDCap system
currently maintains 16 projects in production with
more than 88,000 survey participants. There are
more than 100 users registered with the system not
only from NSU, but from other universities including
Florida International University, University of North
Carolina, University of Miami, Harvard University,
Stanford University, Columbia University, Cornell
University,and Duke University.
Research Electronic Data Capture—
On April 8, Microsoft stopped creating new security
patches for Windows XP. Windows Update will
continue to function, and you’ll be able to install all
the old security patches on your current Windows
XP systems, but Microsoft will not make any new
security patches.
Windows XP systems will become increasingly
vulnerable over time as clever hackers are now
free to attack. Knowing that no help will be in sight,
take heed. Update all of your personal systems
Windows XP: What’s Happening?
The Office of Innovation and Information Technology
is excited to announce that you no longer need to use
Simpler Access to WebStar
your NSU ID and PIN to access WebStar. Access can
be gained with your SharkLink ID and password.
This is part of a process to simplify access to NSU
resources using a single username and password.
This will allow for ease of access to all Web
resources that are password protected including, but
not limited to, SharkLink, WebStar, and Blackboard,
as well as other password protected Web pages.
There are limited forms that require the N number
online or on paper, and these will be addressed in a
later project.
Strategic Support Services (SSS)
Offers Weekend Help
The SSS unit is now open on weekends to service
faculty and staff members. Help is available to
assist, guide, and facilitate technical support for
administrative and instructional technologies using
a variety of communication approaches including
email, ticket submission, phone, and application
Join IZone’s LinkedIn Group
Join IZone’s LinkedIn group to interact with staff
members, other NSU faculty and staff members, and
members of the community. Each week, IZone staff
members will post innovative topics for discussion.
IZone welcomes you to engage in the conversation or
share any other topics you think are interesting.
IZone Launches New Tech Talk Page
Tech talks are part of a weekly ritual that provides
SharkLearn tips, best practices, and up-to-date
content. Now, the tips have been organized in a
friendly, easy-to-use Web page. On this new page
you can review previous, weekly tech talks by year,
by category, or by search!
Blackboard’s New Tool
Check out the new Blackboard portfolios. They
electronically assemble and organize content:
files, pictures, and videos. The portfolios offer a
great opportunity for students and faculty and staff
members to showcase progress and achievement
here at NSU. Learn how to use this great tool.
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