NSU OI2T SHARE Newsletter - August 2014, Issue 7 - page 10

Useful Facts
Recognizing Fake
What is a fake antivirus?
Fake antivirus is malicious software (malware) designed to
steal information from unsuspecting users by mimicking
legitimate security software. The malware makes numerous
system modifications making it extremely difficult to terminate
unauthorized activities and remove the program. It also causes
realistic, interactive security warnings to be displayed to the
computer user.
How can my computer become infected
with a fake antivirus?
Criminals distribute this type of malware using search engines,
emails, social networking sites, Internet advertisements, and
other malware. They leverage advanced social engineering
methodologies and popular technologies to maximize the
number of infected computers.
How will I know if I am infected?
The presence of pop-ups displaying unusual security warnings
and asking for credit card or personal information is the most
obvious method of identifying a fake antivirus infection.
What can I do to protect myself?
• Be cautious when visiting Web links or opening attachments
from unknown senders.
• Keep software patched and updated.
• To purchase or renew software subscriptions, visit the vendor
sites directly.
• Monitor your credit cards for unauthorized activity.
• To report Internet crime or fraud, contact the Internet Crime
Complaint Center (
Quick tip:
Here is a list
of easy key combinations
that can be used on a PC to
perform special keyboard
CTRL + ESC—open Start
CTRL + B—bold highlighted
CTRL + plus key—increase
browser text size
CTRL + minus key—decrease
browser text size
ALT + F4—close current
window or program
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