NSU OI2T SHARE Newsletter - August 2014, Issue 7 - page 2

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Editor’s Top Picks
T, Health Care Security Teams
Add Certifications
Four staff members have gone through
some extra training and added special
certifications to their credentials.
Online Appointment Scheduler
Improves Efficiency
The Office of Student Success implements
NSU’s Online Appointment Scheduler.
Recognizing Fake Antiviruses
Fake antivirus is malicious software
(malware) designed to steal information
from unsuspecting users by mimicking
legitimate security software.
Flight Deck Offers New Look,
Updated Technology
The renovation of the Flight Deck Pub
not only included a new look but new
audiovisual as well.
iShark Card Services
The application reduces the costs of
printing SharkCard brochures and provides
current information.
the CIO
DMP on a Roll!
As technology evolves, DMP evolves with
Dateline Health
, NSU’s award-winning
public service show, goes HD.
South Florida summer is turning
up the heat, but that is not slowing
down OIIT as our team continues to
keep up and advance technology
for NSU.
Learn about NSU’s Online
Appointment Scheduler—developed
by OIIT and rolled out in 2008. The
system, which makes it easy for
students to schedule appointments
with their adviser or coach online,
already has scheduled more than
52,000 appointments.
Ongoing education remains
important for our team. Several
of our members have recently
earned training certifications.
As we continue to participate in
the REDCap Consortium—a
browser-based solution for
designing translation and
clinical research databases—
OIIT is also proud to have
helped with the renovated
Flight Deck Pub by adding to
its technology.
Be sure to note that our
Strategic Support Service unit
is now open on weekends to
help faculty and staff members.
As always, our newsletter
includes some easy tips to help
you maneuver around your
—Tom West
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