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Classroom Observations

The Center for Teaching and Learning performs classroom observations for improvement of instruction at the request of faculty or their deans. The protocols for the process have been designed to afford faculty members the benefit of being observed using well-developed rubrics while maintaining confidentiality and making the observation as stress-free as possible. Following the observation, faculty will meet with the observer to discuss the results.


The staff of the Center for Teaching and Learning are available for consultation in a wide variety of professional development and educational concerns:

  • video taping and classroom observation
  • analysis of classroom dynamics using Flanders Interaction Analysis system
  • goal and objectives design
  • strengthening instructional methodologies
  • assisting in research design
  • interpreting statistical reports that evolve from test analyses

Faculty should know that all discussions are held in the strictest of confidence and will not be shared with administrators for any continuing contract decisions.

Help! There's a Student in My Office!

Rapid e-mail responses to quick education questions. If you have a question that you believe can be answered by an e-mail response, rather than a consultation, this is the place to ask it. This service is reserved for Nova Southeastern University faculty. Click here to ask question.

If you are a student with questions about standardized tests or scheduling a make-up test, this is not the contact form for you to use. Instead, go to Tutoring and Testing to learn how to schedule those kinds of tests.

Surveys with Snap Software

The Office of Educational Development has the ability to produce plain paper surveys and online surveys using Snap Survey software. In contrast with the Online Course Evaluation system, the surveys produced with Snap are not confined to a single class. This freedom allows the surveys to be used as graduate surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, or as survey instruments for students who are not part of a Banner-recognized class. To have a Snap survey created for you, please contact Jacquelyn Moore.

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